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Innovation in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Our Vision

To significantly improve the quality of life of women with suspected and confirmed breast cancer. Because of SchurSign®‘s unique product characteristics, doctors will be able to provide their patients with minimal invasive, much more gentle, and equally successful treatment.

A new Tool for Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Investing in Health

An investment in medical technology promises healthy returns, as the industry stands for high sales figures. According to the Federal Statistical Office, the German medical technology industry achieved sales of 30 billion euros in 2018.

This branch of the healthcare industry also boasts great innovative power.

Here, if a product is convincing and the market prospects are right, it is worthwhile for investors to take a closer look.

Safe and Reliable Breast Cancer Diagnosis

With our experienced team of material scientists and health care professionals we are working on the launch of SchurSign. This new tool enables safe and gentle procedures in breast cancer diagnostics.


It is therefore being used in an area of high demand: breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. In addition, SchurSign can be used in other areas of the body.

Surgmark Gewebemarke

Positive Market Prospects

The prospects for SchurSign are promising. In this segment of breast cancer diagnostics, the average annual growth rate from 2015 to 2020 was 11% percent. This brings the international market for these products to an estimated 800 million dollars in 2022.

We expect SchurSign to have a market share of 5 to 10 percent 3 to 5 years after introduction.

Based on standard industry prices, this corresponds to a turnover of approximately 5 million euros.

Next Steps

Our team is planning the next step for SchurSign to obtain FDA approval for the USA market. In North America, the number of new breast cancer cases per year is about 330,000 - the number of suspected cases to be clarified is significantly higher. As consumable material, our product is reimbursed by insurances and health insurance companies.


We are also pragmatically pushing forward the approval of SchurSign as a Class III medical device in the EU.
We are confident in our ability to swiftly implement the requirements of the new Medical Device Regulation (MDR).




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Dr. Christine König, CEO

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