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Revolutionizing Breast Cancer Diagnostics: SurgMark Introduces SchurSign® Tissue Marker at MEDICA/CO

The Future of Early Detection Unveiled

In a significant stride towards redefining breast cancer diagnostics, Hamburg-based start-up SurgMark GmbH is set to unveil its cutting-edge SchurSign® Tissue Marker at MEDICA/COPAMED 2023 in Düsseldorf. This groundbreaking marker, renowned for its potential in early breast cancer detection, offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience its application firsthand, guided by ultrasound technology.

SchurSign® is currently navigating the rigorous approval process of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), with an anticipated U.S. debut slated for early 2024. This milestone launch couldn't come at a better time, given the auspicious market outlook within the rapidly expanding sphere of breast cancer diagnostics.

At its core, SchurSign® has been purposefully crafted for the marking and monitoring of breast lesions. Its primary areas of application encompass ultrasound-guided biopsies, tumor resections, and the precise marking of sentinel lymph nodes. Across all imaging modalities used in breast diagnostics, including mammography, ultrasound, MRI, and tomosynthesis, the marker shines with immediate and enduring visibility, particularly excelling in the ultrasound-assisted marking of suspicious breast tissue.

What sets SchurSign® apart is its composition. Crafted from chitosan, a tissue-friendly and flexible biomaterial, the marker is not only painless to the touch but also comfortably withstands the pressure applied to the breast. Gone are the concerns of foreign body reactions, often associated with conventional metal markers. Physicians can effortlessly place the marker using an applicator under ultrasound guidance and subsequently remove it via vacuum biopsy or other minimally invasive methods.

Dr. Christine König, CEO of SurgMark GmbH, envisions this innovation as a game-changer in the fight against breast cancer. She emphasizes that SchurSign® not only offers superior visibility but also prioritizes patient comfort and safety.

The SurgMark team eagerly anticipates welcoming visitors from November 13th to 16th at their booth (Stand Nr. 8AK41) in Hall 08A during MEDICA/COPAMED 2023. This event symbolizes a significant step forward in breast cancer diagnostics and provides a glimpse into the future of medical innovation.


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