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Who is SurgMark?

We are a company specializing in innovative solutions in medical technology and biotechnology. Our team is interdisciplinary: the shareholders come from the fields of medicine, development and the start-up scene.
We have many years of industry experience, looking back on successful start-ups and product innovations. Our management team has executed several successful business exits in the form of trade sales for investors. 
In this way, we combine expertise with a keen eye for market potential.


Our Mission

SurgMark is committed to developing innovative solutions for the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer and other tumor diseases. With our latest tool SchurSign we combine know-how from breast surgery and biomaterial research.

About us

Know-How in Medtech and Start ups: 
Our Team 

SurgMark consists of experienced shareholders with various areas of expertise.


Learn more about us:

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Dr. rer. nat. Christine König (PhD) 

PhD, CEO, is a well-rounded entrepreneur and leader by heart. Christine holds a PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Göttingen. She successfully started up award winning biotech. Christine is the heart and soul of SurgMark. It is owed to her leadership, persistence, and believe in the team and its product that SurgMark has persevered through challenging times. 


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Dr. med. Peter A. Meier (M.D)
Business Management

MD, PhD, MBA, co-founder, is responsible for clinical trials and business development at SurgMark. He was CEO of Medovent and Orokoko GmbH and is a Co-founder/CEO in a plasma medicine venture. 


Dr. med Frank Schure (M.D.)

Clinical Research 

MD, co-founder, is the inventor, creative mind, and application specialist for SchurSign. The first patent for the new marker was filed by Frank and he continues to drive optimization of the marker’s design and improvement of its ultrasound visibility. 


Dr. med Rivelino Montenegro (PhD)

Co-founder, holds a PhD in chemistry and is responsible for Technology and Production. Dr. Montenegro previously held leading positions in plastics and metal-processing companies in Brazil. He was also senior researcher at Matregen, a Toronto-based company focused on products for nerve repair. 


Dr. rer. nat. Thomas Freier (D.Sc.)

Quality Assurance/Development

Co-founder, is responsible for Quality Management and R&D at SurgMark. He holds a PhD in chemistry and has previously worked at the Center of Excellence for Biomaterials in Rostock/Germany as group leader for polymer chemistry and tissue engineering.

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