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SurgMark at MEDICA/COPAMED 2023

Biomaterial in breast cancer diagnostics: Hamburg-based start-up SurgMark presents SchurSign® Tissue Marker at MEDICA/COPAMED 2023

Hamburg-based start-up SurgMark GmbH will present the novel SchurSign® Tissue Marker for breast cancer diagnostics at MEDICA/COPAMED 2023 in Düsseldorf. Visitors will have the opportunity to test the application of the marker under ultrasound at the booth.

SchurSign® is currently undergoing the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval process. SurgMark expects the U.S. launch in early 2024, with promising market prospects in the growing segment of breast cancer diagnostics.

SchurSign® was developed for the marking and follow-up of breast lesions. Main application areas are biopsy under ultrasound, tumor resection and marking of the sentinel lymph node. In all imaging procedures of breast diagnostics (mammography, ultrasound, MRI, tomosynthesis), the marker shows immediate and permanent good visibility, especially in ultrasound-assisted marking of suspicious breast tissue.

SchurSign® is made of chitosan, a tissue-friendly, flexible biomaterial, and proves painless to the touch and pressure applied to the breast. Foreign body reactions, which may occur with conventional metal markers, do not occur. Physicians place the marker by applicator under ultrasound guidance and can remove it by vacuum biopsy or other means.


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