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Breast Cancer Diagnosis with SchurSign

Thanks to its unique biomaterial characteristics, SchurSign® will allow physicians to offer less invasive, more tolerable, and equally successful treatment options.

SchurSign® is a new breast biopsy marker developed by SurgMark GmbH.
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About SchurSign®

– FDA cleared


SchurSign® is a new breast biopsy marker developed by SurgMark GmbH. It is made of the biocompatible material chitosan and has been specifically designed for use under ultrasound guidance. SchurSign® has been cleared by the FDA (K230836).

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SchurSign® advantages for doctors and patients

  • Easy positioning with ergonomically enhanced applicator.

  • Immediate ultrasound visibility and excellent visibility with all standard imaging technologies.

  • No migration during or after insertion

  • Soft material when hydrated, ensuring a painless experience when touched or compressed on the breast, eliminating the need for re-excision.

  • Easily removed by vacuum biopsy or other minimally invasive procedures. 

  • Compatible with pathological tissue examinations - can be sectioned, frozen and stained.

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SchurSign® is made from the biomaterial chitosan

  • Chitosan is a highly biocompatible biomaterial derived from chitin.

  • Chitosan is a polysaccharide and acts as a hydrogel.

  • FDA-cleared medical uses for  chitosan include: Wound dressings and haemostatics, and implants for nerve regeneration.

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Immediate visibility in ultrasound

  • SchurSign® is specifically designed for ultrasound guided placement.

  • The marker is immediately and easily recognizable by a characteristic echo.

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Precision and

long-term visibility

  • SchurSign® is designed for long-term ultrasound visibility.

  • It does not migrate during or after implantation.

  • SchurSign® is easy to identify in mammography and CT.

 SchurSign® before (bottom)  and after (top) hydration

5 mm

Appearance of SchurSign® in ultrasound

 SchurSign® before (bottom)

and after (top) hydration

Appearance of SchurSign® in ultrasound

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MRI - suitable

Appearance of SchurSign®  in mammography

Appearance of SchurSign®

in mammography


SchurSign® is metal-free, making it well-suited for MRI applications and easily identifiable on MRI scans.

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Ergonomically designed applicator


SchurSign® comes with an ergonomically designed applicator. It is supplied as a sterile packaged and pre-loaded disposable product. 

The applicator features a beveled, 12 cm stainless steel needle with centimeter markings.

Experts have numerous reasons to recommend more marking in breast cancer

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Area of Application:
The most common cancer among women

More than 1,676,000 women worldwide develop breast cancer every year. There is a growing demand for a thorough diagnosis of breast cancer, as well as improved and more patient-friendly products.

SchurSign® is both safe and precise in its application, making it well-suited for diagnosing tumors not only in the breast but also in other organs.

Dr. Viola Schure (MD)

Dr. Viola Schure (MD)

Gynecologist, oncologist,

expert for ultrasound guided breast surgery, Germany

"The current markers with a metal core rarely meet the needs of my patients, especially when it comes to a permanent implant. Patients complain of discomfort and sometimes even pain. The ultrasound visibility of metal marker is often limited. Scars and capsule formation in particular make it difficult to see them on ultrasound. This makes intraoperative ultrasound imaging more difficult, which is standard practice for us. Occasionally, there is also migration from the insertion site, and gel-coated markers sometimes do not detach properly from the applicator, which carries the risk of incorrect placement.


I am happy to have supported SurgMark GmbH in its efforts to produce a patient- and user-friendly marker and to be able to continue to do so. I am fully convinced that SchurSign® will significantly improve the marking and thus the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in the future. Above all, I am impressed by the commitment and empathy of the SurgMark team, who have set themselves the goal of taking the future of medicine to a higher level with their products.”

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