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Breast Cancer Diagnosis with SchurSign

Careful and precise

Diagnosing Brest Cancer Safely and Reliably

SchurSign is an innovative product for the diagnosis and therapy of breast cancer that will soon be launched on the market. The tool effectively complements imaging examination procedures (mammography, ultrasound, MRI) for the detection of breast cancer. This is particularly true for ultrasound-assisted biopsy and tumor resection. These procedures are increasingly becoming the standard procedure in breast surgery.

SchurSign® advantages for doctors and patients

  • Easy placement with conventional applicators.

  • Quickly hydrates and adheres to tissue.

  • Immediate ultrasound visibility.

  • Excellent visibility across all standard imaging technologies.

  • Biocompatible, if needed, fully resorbable.

  • Flexible material, pain free upon touch and pressure on breast, no need for re-excision.

  • Can be removed easily through vacuum biopsy or other minimally invasive methods.

  • Doesn’t interfere with pathological tissue examinations - can be cut, frozen and stained.

SchurSign 2.jpg

SchurSign Marker


SchurSign Marker using ultrasound

Area of Application:
The most common cancer among women

More than 1,676,000 women worldwide develop breast cancer every year. The need for a careful diagnosis of breast cancer is increasing. Better and more patient-friendly products are in high demand. SchurSign is safe and precise in its application. It is well suited for the diagnosis of tumors not only in the breast but in other organs as well.

SurgMark - Product Area Experience

Our team has already developed two products for surgery and wound healing.
For both of these applications, we have achieved approval as a medical device for the products as well as their successful marketing.

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